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Instagram Marketing That Works

Use Instagram to generate real, targeted followers

Your job is to be awesome. Ours is to let people know.

By putting you in front of the right audience, we promote your account to targeted Instagram users interested in your services, products, or content.

As Seen Above:

A Few Testimonials From Our Beloved Clients

  • Alma Colon
  • Elizabeth Jonhnson
  • Mike Manfre
  • Justin Sloan
  • Ephraim Tinoco
  • Tabatha Dean
  • Jennifer Hacker
  • Absolutely loving the service! Like many people, I used to use Instagress to grow my account. However, this is ten times better! The customer service is superb and I don't have to worry about making any changes. My account manager takes care of everything and they target my demographic perfectly. If I have questions or need tips I am always able to reach out and get the help I need. The IG Wildfire team has become crucial for me as an influencer.
  • I have only been on Instagram for about five months and am already seeing amazing results from IG Wildfire. We first agreed to grow my account to about 5k targeted followers so that I could start doing collaborations with businesses. Well we have surpassed that by far! I absolutely love my followers, they have become a part of my everyday life. If you have any doubts about the service you can message me any time. I will give you my honest feedback! 🙂 don't forget to follow me! 😉
  • Working with IG Wildfire has been an very satisfying experience for me and my business. Before starting their marketing services my account was already doing good on Instagram with a strong following. However, as soon as I jumped on their services I have noticed my followers skyrocket and my engagement shoot up. IG Wildfire has given me the exposure and social proof I need to take my business and Instagram to the next level. Results speak for themselves and there's no doubt that once you get on their system, you'll notice them. It's been great to work with my account manager at a personal level. I have been able to explain to him my needs and demographics and he's be responsive and quick when it comes to making changes and tweaks to my account. *
  • Absolutely love this service! There is no way we would have been able to build the type of fitness community we have built if it wasn't for the help of IG Wildfire. Almost all of our visitors come from Instagram now. They comment on our pictures, send us direct messages, give us lots of likes and share our content all across different social medias. The ROI has been phenomenal and not only that but the customers support is simply amazing. They respond right away and help us make whatever tweaks need to be made in order to get better results. We are based in Utah and only market to those who live here. With IG Wildfire we have been able to do just that, almost all of our followers are Utah residents which is amazing!!*
  • I use Instagram to promote myself and my businesses. I focus mostly on men's fashion and fitness. When I started working with IG Wildfire about 5 months ago I was not getting the traction I wanted. Today that has changed, my account has grown dramatically and my engagement has also improved drastically. Thanks to their efforts, I have received some amazing opportunities for my modeling career. 100% love the service and recommend it to everyone I know. *
  • I had been running my blog and Instagram account for over a year with little growth. IG Wildfire finally got me the engagement I was striving for. I've gained thousands of followers and been able to do many collaborations. Not only that, they also built my new blog at a very affordable cost. I couldn't have done it without them.
  • Before discovering IG Wildfire my Instagram growth had come to a complete standstill. All of the strategies I'd implemented seemed to have reach the cap of their potential. Since working with IG Wildfire, I've already since a 20% increase in followers and they are active, engaged, and excited to be a part of my community!*


What We Do

Our goal at IG Wildfire is to market your Instagram account to targeted audiences across Instagram. Our experts are able to use demographics such as location, sex, and interests to make sure the eyes we get on your account are relevant and focused.

When you sign up for our services, your project manager will spend time understanding your niche and audience in order to target only those people who have shown interest in similar accounts. You’ll notice engagement and interactions go up too, as more and more people become aware of your brand.

We truly focus on exposing your account to active and relevant users across Instagram.  This ensures your account grows at a fast, organic ratio.

Give us a try! You wont’ regret it.


There are many companies offering “fake followers” and likes on Instagram. Do not be fooled, these are not real people but rather fake bot accounts that will only hurt you in the long run. As a Instagram marketing agency we use various techniques to create exposure and awareness for your account. You focus on creating quality, relevant content, and we’ll make sure it gets seen by the right people.


More and more companies are investing in influencer marketing every day. If you’re looking to increase paid collaborations then you understand how important real followers and engagement is. We make sure we do everything within our power to increase both of these metrics for you. And we’re going to be honest, let us just say we’re pretty good at it 😉


We do all the work and research for you. Your account manager will analyze your account in order to understand your core audience. He might consult with you in some cases in order to improve his understanding.
He will then get to work! You’ll notice results right away and can ask him to make any necessary changes.

Reporting & Analytics

You will receive weekly and monthly reports on the progress of your Instagram account. These insure you’re getting a positive ROI and we’re doing our job effectively.

Reports include the following metrics:

  • Account growth

  • Gender of your audience

  • Countries and cities of audience

  • Most engaged posts

  • Amount of traffic driven to your website

  • Best time to post for your account

  • How to better interact with your audience

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

The growth ratio of your account truly depends on the quality of the content your account produces. Content is king and truly dictates performance and growth. We promote you account across Instagram by exposing it to thousands of targeted users who might be Interested in it, if they like what they see, they will then choose to follow you. Our experts will consult with you and help you achieve maximum results.
WE DO NOT. In fact, we highly advice against it. We focus on organically growing your account with 100% real active Instagram users. They will interact, like, and comment on your posts because they are targeted towards what your business offers. These are not random users from foreign countries. We are able to target your people by location, interests, and gender.
Buying fake followers is one of the worst things you can do for your business on Instagram. When you purchase “fake” followers or “bots” you merely purchase bogus accounts created by a computer which Instagram will eventually delete. These “followers” will not interact with your brand or purchase from you. In fact, it looks bad for your business or blog when you have a high number of followers but very few likes and comments on your posts. Anyone can tell that those followers are fake and were purchased and therefore lose trust and respect for your business.

You can click the cancel account link on your dashboard or email us at info@igwildfire.com to cancel at anytime. It is 100% hassle free and immediate. If you don’t feel our services are increasing your sales and providing a positive ROI for your business, you can cancel anytime.

Choose a Plan

Our plans are based on the amount of exposure and time we give to your account. The higher the plan, the more people will see your account and content across Instagram. If for any reasons we are not able to meet the goal, we always ensure to make up the missing followers. We want to prove ourselves to you and so we’re offering 50% off the Starter Package below. We know once you try it, you’ll stay with us for years to come!



$25 First Month

  • Use code: MYTRIAL and get 50% off  your first month on this package!

  • 250 Follower Per Month – Reach up to 15k Targeted Instagram Users. Up to 15,000 Instagram users per month from your target audience will be aware of you through our system and marketing efforts.

  • Customized Marketing Campaign

  • Account Manager: Phone, Chat, and Email Support



  • 500 Follower Per Month – Reach up to 30k Targeted Instagram Users. Up to 30,000 Instagram users per month from your target audience will be aware of you through our system and marketing efforts.

  • Customized Marketing Campaign

  • Account Manager: Phone, Chat, and Email Support



  • 750 Follower Per Month – Reach up to 45k Targeted Instagram Users. Up to 45,000 Instagram users per month from your target audience will be aware of you through our system and marketing efforts.

  • Customized Marketing Campaign

  • Account Manager: Phone, Chat, and Email Support

Preferred Plan



  • 1000 Follower Per Month – Reach up to 60k Targeted Instagram Users. Up to 60,000 Instagram users per month from your target audience will be aware of you through our system and marketing efforts.

  • Customized Marketing Campaign

  • Account Manager: Phone, Chat, and Email Support

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